Secure On Site Understands how essential it is to have and Close Protection Officer who can adapt to any situation especially in today’s current climate and ever changing risks. All our officers have extensive knowledge of all types of Protection.


Level 3 Certificate in Close Protection: This licence is required when guarding one or more individuals against assault or against injuries that might be suffered in consequence of the unlawful conduct of others.

Having someone that has gone through extensive training to have acquired this particular license. The close protection course teaches you how to protect your client whilst being mindful of the law.


Route planning: Is done when moving your client from one destination to another via car. The safest route will always be planned and alternatives in case something was to happen whilst travelling.

The benefits of having a planned route is the client will get to his destination quickly and safely knowing the route was planned to reduce risk whilst travelling. Safe havens are also mapped out in case of unforeseen circumstances.


Risk assessment: The identification, evaluation and estimation of the levels of risks involved in a situation. Having a risk assessment done is vital during close protection. Risks have to be assessed prior to an event. Also on going dynamic risk assessments will occur.

The benefits of this knowing the client risk is always being evaluated to allow them to feel protected whilst carrying out the everyday duties.


Hostile Surveillance: Is putting yourself in the shoes of a hostile person and identifying where you think they would carry out an attack. This involves making a report to show possible point where hostile surveillance can take place.

Benefit: Having hostile surveillance carried out helps identify the risks which ultimately could prevent an attack from taking place. The report helps give the client a visual look at what vantage points an attacker could have.


Counter Surveillance: This works hand in hand with hostile surveillance. Any points that are mapped out on the hostile report will then have a counter surveillance officer at each different point to keep eyes on any potential threat.

Benefit: The client will feel safe knowing that counter surveillance officers are on the look out at various locations and are ready to intervene if necessary.

Unarmed Combat: This plays a vital role within close protection as in the UK officers are not permitted to carry firearms so being train in unarmed combat is a must.

Benefit: Unarmed combat means you can protect your client against an individual looking to cause them harm. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying.

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Secure On Site has been supplying us with Door Supervisors for over a year now. They are pro active with dealing conflict situations and manage customers who come in and out of my premises well.” (Town Inn)

“The SOS team done a commanding job of taking care of security at out event Rip The Runway UK. They were organized and worked really efficiently with the venue team to ensure the safety of the event goers and staff alike. We look forward to be working with them again in the near future.” (TrendsetUK, RipTheRunwayUK)

“SOS is a really professional outfit. Our events always feel safe and in control when their team are around. Their staff has always been very friendly and helpful, which makes a real difference in security. Would highly recommend to all.”

(Clownfish Events)

Are all off your guards licensed, trained and vetted?
Yes, every security guard in the UK has to have an SIA (Security Industry Authority) License, all our operatives are screened and vetted to the National Standard and undergo a company induction and site specific training.
Which areas do you cover?
We supply high-quality security staff to the London, the Greater London Area and Nationwide.
I only need a couple people. Is that OK?
No problem! Our security staff can be booked individually or in a large group. No job is too big, or too small.
Can I select my own staff?
Yes. If you forward us your brief, we will send you full profiles of our recommended staff. Then you can decide whom you would like.

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